Android Apps in Overdrive: The New ART-14 Update Turbo Boost

Android Apps in Overdrive: The ART-14 Update Turbo Boost

Think of your phone as a car and the apps on it as the people inside. When you want to use an app, it needs to open quickly, just like when you turn the key to your car, you want it to start right away.

Now, Android and iOS are two big companies that make smartphones. Android is like a certain kind of car, and iOS is like a different kind. iOS users have always said that their apps open a little faster than Android’s.

But now, Google, the company that makes Android, has come up with something called the “ART-14” update. It works like magic on your Android phone. With this spell, your apps will open faster than ever.

“ART,” like the engine that makes Android run smoothly, is the reason for this magic. Before, different companies could change how this engine worked on their Android phones, making some of them slower than others. But now Google is running this engine and making it super fast.

So, when you hear about the ART-14 update, it’s like your Android phone is getting a turbo boost. Your apps will start up as fast as lightning, and you won’t have to be jealous of iPhone users’ speed anymore. It’s all about improving the way you use your smartphone.


The Need to Go Fast

Every year, Google’s smart teams work hard to make ART better. You may not notice any difference in how you use your phone every day, but the numbers tell a different story. After the ART-13 update, the time it takes to open an app on many devices went down by a huge 30%. That’s like going from riding a bike to flying in a rocket!

What Is New in ART-14 Update?

More than 18 million APIs were used to test ART-14 update in a very thorough way. When it’s turned on, your phone will start up about 20 seconds faster. That’s like going from moving as slowly as a snail to moving as fast as light! So, you might not see a big change on your phone, but using Android apps in general is about to get as hot as a summer day.

In a nutshell, the ART-14 update for Android is getting ready to speed up the way apps are launched. So, the next time an iPhone user brags about how quickly apps open, you can say with pride, “Hold my Android, because things are about to get faster than ever!”

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