Lights, Camera, AI: The Uncertain Future of AI Actors in Movie and TV

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Lights, Camera, AI: The Future of AI Actors in Movie and TV

The Future of AI Actors in Movie and TV

For more than a hundred years, movies have brought monsters and other strange creatures to life. But in 2023, Hollywood is faced with a new and unexpected problem: the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in movies and TV shows. The use of AI-made characters, called “Metahumans,” is making actors and media professionals nervous, which has led to a historic strike.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the debates, fears, and negotiations about AI in the entertainment industry, as well as why actors are worried about their future in art and entertainment.


The AI Dilemma in Hollywood

Since June, people have been talking a lot about how AI can be used in the entertainment industry. One of the main reasons why the SAG-AFTRA union, which represents actors and media workers, is still on strike is that they can’t agree on how to use AI. Actors worry that in the future, AI-made performers could take their jobs, putting their careers and incomes at risk.

Carly Turro, an actress who has been in popular TV shows like “Homeland,” spoke out about her worries on a picket line. She stressed how important it was to talk about how AI might affect art and entertainment in the future. Many actors are afraid of AI because they don’t know how it will affect casting decisions. They think that their past, present, and future work could be used to make fake performers.


Creating Synthetic Performers

One of the most important issues in the negotiations is how to make AI actors by combining the images of real actors. This hasn’t happened yet, but studios are negotiating contracts to get the right to do it. Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, who is in charge of negotiations for SAG-AFTRA, put it well when he said that AI is an “existential crisis” for actors, who are afraid of losing jobs to robots.

The union isn’t asking for an outright ban on AI. Instead, they want companies to talk to them and get their permission before replacing a human actor with AI actors. The studios say that their latest offer addresses these concerns, but the union hasn’t replied yet, which is making the strike worse.


Digital Replicas of Background Performers

The creation of digital copies of background performers is another point of contention. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which is made up of major studios, has offered to ask an actor’s permission before using their digital copy outside of the production for which they were hired. But SAG says that the studios’ proposal doesn’t include the idea of fair payment for other uses of the digital copies.

Lights, Camera, AI: The Future of AI Actors in Movie and TV
Lights, Camera, AI: The Future of AI Actors in Movie and TV

Also, studios want to keep using 3D body scans to make AI actors using AI or AI actors for post-production. Even though the studios say they will get permission and talk about using the digital copies in other ways, the union is worried about keeping the rights to these digital people for future works.


Digital Alteration of Performances

In order to save money and time on production, studios want to be able to change performances digitally after they have been shot. This would make sure that the performances are consistent with the character, the script, and the director’s vision. This would make it possible to make small changes to dialogue or clothing without having to re-shoot expensive scenes. Even though the studios say this is a common thing to do, the union is still very careful to protect the rights and ownership of the actors.

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Future of AI Actors in Movie

       As long as people argue about AI-made characters, the future of the entertainment business is uncertain. Actors are right to be worried about the possibility that AI-driven performers will take their jobs. Still, finding common ground is important if we want to use AI’s benefits while protecting actors’ jobs and artistic contributions.

People and AI will be able to enjoy entertainment together in the future if they work together, talk to each other, and find a middle ground. The way this story plays out will definitely change the way movies are made for many years to come. But it would be interesting to see who will win AI vs. human actors.

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