The new Apple Yellow iPhone has surpassed all competitors in the market

The new Apple Yellow iPhone has surpassed all competitors in the market

We live in a world where new innovations happen every minute. Every company in the mobile industry aspires to be unique and creative. Some are producing flip, fold, two-sided screens, five cameras, and so on. In the advertisement, it is shown that you can now take moon photos with your phone.

And here is our dear Apple, who did something novel as well: the iPhone is now available in yellow. Technical Dost is at a loss for words after hearing about this unexpected innovation. You are correct if you believe I am being sarcastic. Apple fans are overjoyed with this news.

I’d like to tell Apple: at the very least, try to be innovative; at the very least, improve the camera. I believe Apple suffers from narcissistic personality disorder; they believe they are the best and don’t need to improve.

Technical Dost would like to ask Apple fans whether it is acceptable for Apple to do these things because they are here to do business. Because Apple has nothing else to do, they simply change the color to black, white, and so on. If their old phones don’t sell, they’ll recolor them and resell them as new phones. Why are you being duped, Apple fans? Isn’t it obvious that they haven’t done anything creative in the last 3-4 years? And Apple fans are overly enthusiastic about these products for no apparent reason.

Yes, Apple fans. In this world, your phone is incredible; it has a very nice camera, and you look so cool holding it, but seriously, it’s yellow. In this world, your phone is incredible. To be honest, I have nothing else to say.

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