The “Right to Repair” by Apple, Google, and Samsung

You have probably come across phrases such as “right to information” and “right to education”. However, it’s possible that you haven’t heard of the “Right to Repair”. Now you’ll explain what’s wrong with that, claiming that it has something to do with your smartphone, laptop, and other electronic devices.

To put it another way, the right to repair is money in your pocket. You should be aware of the fact that even though you are not yet familiar with the term “Right to Repair,”. The impact of this movement is so significant that major corporations such as Apple, Samsung, and Google have joined its Joint Declaration. As a result of this campaign, these companies are providing customers with the option of doing the repair work on their own (also known as “do it yourself”).

Therefore, you will not be required to pay any money in the event that the smartphone is damaged. How are you going to be able to fix the smartphone by yourself? so that you won’t have to take it to the service center. You will be aware of the responses to all of the questions, but before we get to that, let’s look at the past and the present of the Right to Repair.


What is the Right to Repair?

The "Right to Repair" by Apple, Google, and Samsung
The “Right to Repair” by Apple, Google, and Samsung

In point of fact, new versions of mobile phones, laptops, and wearable technology are released onto the market each year with improved technology. However, what do you do in the event that there is a problem with your pricey device? You take it to a service center that is authorized by the company, but when they assess the damage, they tell you that the cost of repair is beyond your financial means.

It is not required that this always be the case. But there are times when the cost of repair is so high that purchasing a new product with the same amount of money plus a little bit more seems like the better option.

Apple has a habit of removing older versions of some of its products from sale. This indicates that Apple’s service centers will no longer be able to provide hardware support for the subject to the terms.

Not only Apple but also the majority of manufacturers of electronic devices decide, who will repair their products. This means that only a select few service centers are authorized for this. Apple is one of these manufacturers. When something like this takes place, it is only natural to assume that the user’s pocket will get a smack.

The Right to Repair movement was started to counter the intolerance that is prevalent among businesses. Please do not remain in the mood if you are going to feel that this is just a campaign.

This law went into effect in the United Kingdom and the United States in July 2021. It is also the time when the law in the United States was first passed. In line with the new laws, manufacturers will be obligated to make complex spare parts easily accessible at professional repair shops in addition to ensuring that consumers have easy access to simple replacement parts.

I sincerely hope that by this point, you are aware that the Right to Repair has reached its goal. Following the legislation and the campaign, they are now aware of what effect it had.


Apple’s “Self-Service Repair” Program

The "Right to Repair" by Apple, Google, and Samsung
The “Right to Repair” by Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple made the announcement regarding its ‘Self Service Repair’ program in November 2021, after the “right to repair” law had been passed and put into effect. The general public will finally have access to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13’s spare parts, tools, and repair manuals for the very first time. Soon, the same system will also be made available for use on Mac. The display, battery, and camera of the iPhone will be the primary areas of concentration during the beginning stages of this program.

One must rely completely on the repair manual in order for the average user to be able to carry out repairs in a risk-free manner. After that, the customer can utilize the Apple Self-Service Repair Online Store to place an order for authentic Apple parts and equipment.

Customers who bring back their used parts for recycling after getting them repaired will not only receive credit for their next purchase, but they will also receive credit for the previous repair. Having said that, we have not yet begun with this program.

However, there are rumors circulating that the plan will be executed very soon. Some customers have reported seeing a Replacement Parts option within the Apple Support App, which leads one to believe that Self Service Repair will soon be a realistic option.


Google collaboration with iFixit

The "Right to Repair" by Apple, Google, and Samsung
The “Right to Repair” by Apple, Google, and Samsung

In partnership with other companies, Google has announced that it will make the display, battery, and other spare parts of the Pixel smartphone available globally. Google has announced that it will sell “spare parts to repair Pixel phones,” which will include the battery, camera, and display components. It’s likely that these are broken parts, but the replacement of the battery will be dependent on the device that’s being used. Each of these components can be purchased independently or as part of iFixit’s repair kit.

In addition to that, iFixit will offer a repair guide for Google Pixel smartphones. In the interest of full disclosure, we would like to let you know that components ranging from the Pixel 2 (which was released in 2017) to the Pixel 6 Pro (which was released in 2018) will be made available. This functionality will be made available to users in many countries all over the world by the time this year comes to a close.


Samsung DIY Repair

The "Right to Repair" by Apple, Google, and Samsung
The “Right to Repair” by Apple, Google, and Samsung

In addition, Samsung introduced iFixit at the end of March of this year.
DIY Repair with Announcement of Beginning in September 2022 of this year, Samsung will collaborate with iFixit to offer customers authentic Samsung Galaxy parts, repair tools, and comprehensive how-to guides.

According to Samsung, this program will cover a number of commonly repaired components, such as the display, the back glass, or the charging port. For the time being, the program will initially be made available for the Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy S20 series, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ in particular.


What is ‘iFixit’

If, after hearing the name ‘iFixit,’ a problem persists in your mental state, then we will explain the problem to you. Actually, in the world of electronic device maintenance, iFixit is a well-known brand name. After the launch of the iPhone and iPad, users of YouTube have shown a lot of interest in watching videos of this brand that disassembles its products.

Their free online guides that pertain to do-it-yourself repairs are also quite popular. iFixit had previously collaborated with Motorola, another smartphone manufacturer, on the development of a do-it-yourself (DIY) self-repair kit before working with the mentioned three tech giants.


What will happen in DIY repair?

It’s possible that this isn’t a big deal, but let’s say you use an older model of Apple’s MacBook computer, which the company has since discontinued. Taking the battery from outside the building involves separate investments of risk and service money. What percentage of the time and money will be saved if you are able to replace the parts yourself after reading the repair guide?

In the DIY repair, a user can repair their phone on their own using DIY repair. With the assistance of their mobile manufacturing company. It could be in the form of parts or instructional videos.


Impact on India

The days are long gone, when a new phone wouldn’t become available in India, until several months, after it was introduced somewhere else in the world. But these days, mobile phones are made available in India shortly after they are made available elsewhere in the world. In other words, we can say that the right to repair will very soon be recognized in India. There’s a good chance that businesses use it as a marketing tool, too. No matter what takes place, the user is guaranteed to get the benefit of this Right to Repair law.

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