Stop Making These 3 Common Online Shopping Mistakes

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Stop Making These 3 Common Online Shopping Mistakes

Stop Making These 3 Common Online Shopping Mistakes

Online shopping is becoming more popular in our everyday lives. It offers its customers a very comfortable service. To entice customers, various online offers are available. Online shopping provides a diverse selection of products such as mobile phones, fashion clothing, home appliances, books, home furniture, groceries, jewelry, and so on. These products are frequently discounted. Amazon has a wide range of products, but there are also many sellers who sell fake goods.

Be wary of online sellers who sell fake goods. We must locate such a product. Technical Dost would like to request that you refrain from making these common online shopping mistakes


3 types of sellers on Amazon

I. Who buys and receives?

There is a chance that the product in question will be dumped if both the sender and the seller are third parties.

II. Amazon Fulfilled

There is also a risk of receiving a fake item if the seller is a third-party seller and the product is fulfilled by Amazon. Fulfilled by Amazon means that the third-party seller sends his product to Amazon’s warehouse, but no cross-check is performed on the product.

III. Third-Party Delivery

There is a third scenario in which a third-party seller is involved, but Amazon is in charge of shipping the items. In such cases, the likelihood of receiving the wrong product is extremely low.


1. Check Reviews

If only positive aspects of a product are highlighted in product reviews, it is possible that the reviews are not genuine. You will also be able to view verified tags in this section. Fake Post, a website that verifies the authenticity of reviews, can be used to do so. You must copy the link and paste it here to gain access to this website. Looking at their website will also give you an idea of the reviews that they have given. Most fake reviews contain words that are repeated several times. (Fake post Website Link)


2. Long dispatch dates

If you place an order on Amazon and it is delivered to you more than 14 days later, the item you received could be fake. In this case, the seller is attempting to avoid Amazon’s 14-day return policy by delivering the item after the deadline has passed.


3. Photoshop Pictures

Any product can be verified by looking at its corresponding photograph. Using Google Viewer, you can check the legitimacy of any product image. You have the option of saving a copy of the image to your computer or taking a screenshot of it. Insert it into the Google Viewer image. If the photograph was taken by Google, the search results will be displayed. This implies that the seller does not actually own the item and thus is unable to upload the product’s original image.

Your misfortune is also mine, my friends. Keep all of these considerations in mind when placing your order. Amazon claims that they use specialized tape and take great care in packaging their products. Keep the tips I gave you in mind when placing your order for the product. Maintain a record of every Amazon product you purchase and every time you receive one. Technical Dost hope you won’t make any more Online Shopping Mistakes.

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