Pay without internet, this UPI lite version will make work easier

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Pay without internet, this version of UPI lite will make work easier

Pay without internet, this UPI lite version will make work easier

A game changer, by definition, is a game changer. There is no need to explain the meaning of this word any further. Technical Dost will explain this. That is why we should discuss who is using this word right now. This term is commonly used to describe the light version of UPI known as ‘UPI Lite’. From tech to business experts, it is being referred to as a new player in digital payments. Although it has been several months since ‘UPI-Lite’ was released, it has finally gained popularity. Let’s see how light it is.

What is UPI Lite?

Simply put, this can easily cost up to Rs 200. This is a good trick for buying with extra cash. There is no need to enter the PIN-VIN. Not only that but if the internet is unavailable, there is no problem. The ‘UPI-Lite’ daily limit is Rs 2000. This is a transactional game. But there is another benefit. What is UPI-Lite? Your passbook will be neat and tidy. That is, only the transactions that you used to recharge the ‘UPI-Lite’ wallet with your debit card will be visible on the passbook. Let’s take a look at how this setup will work.


Configure the BHIM or Paytm App

Previously, this feature was only available on the BHIM app, but it is now available on Paytm as well. The procedure is extremely simple.

  • Launch the Paytm app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • The option ‘UPI Lite’ will appear on the home screen.
  • Tap on
  • If your bank supports this feature, it is fine; otherwise, you can check the list.
  • It is currently supported by eight major banks in the country, including SBI, PNB, and HDFC.
  • Include payment
  • Enter your MPIN and you’re done.
  • Your ‘UPI Lite’ wallet is now complete.

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