Track Android phones even while switching off

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Track Android phones even while switching off

It will be easy to track Android phones even while switching off

Track Android phones even when the phone is off will be possible soon, and iPhones will follow suit soon after. Only Android devices are currently capable of being tracked. Thankfully the chances of the stolen phone being returned to its rightful owner are improving day by day.

Phones are easily misplaced or stolen. Coming to terms with this unpleasant reality can be challenging. Although some tracking techniques exist, they are currently only compatible with the most cutting-edge smartphones. However, it seems that Google has plans to roll out some fantastic new features to deal with this issue. Google, the creator of the Android operating system, will soon roll out a new feature that will make it simpler to recover lost or stolen mobile devices. Google is working on releasing this functionality soon.

Google will add a feature similar to Facebook’s

Google is currently working on a feature that will allow searches to be conducted on mobile devices like smartphones even if they aren’t connected to the internet. All iPhone owners have access to these kinds of features by default. For iPhones running iOS 15 or later, it is possible to Track Android phones’ location at all times, even if they are asleep. Starting today, Google will implement its own version of a feature that’s currently available on Facebook.

Find My Device uses the new privacy-focused framework

This was made public by the massive tech firm in the most recent version update to the Google Play Store. It has been reported by XDA Developer that Google’s Find My Device service is utilizing the company’s newly redesigned privacy-focused framework. Track Android phones and Google itself has revealed this data. A subsequent notification will inform the user of the most recent place their smartphone was tracked to. All Android smartphones and tablets come equipped with a built-in tracking app called “Find My Device.” Lost or stolen devices can be located by their users with their help.

If you lose your phone, Find My Device lets you set a loud alarm

All of the data can be deleted, the device locked, and the device erased from this screen. These tasks can be completed without leaving this area. If you misplace your phone, the Find My Device app will allow you to set an alarm for maximum volume. Because of this feature, you can still ring the notification bell even when your phone is set to silent. No issues have been detected, so far. However, it has a hard time establishing a connection to the web. If there is a problem with the network, all of the devices will stop working.

Track Android phones and a major issue is expected to be resolved once the upcoming update is released to users, thanks to the new information that has been uncovered about it.

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