Fraud in the name of travel booking, This Travel website scam will amaze you!

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Fraud in the name of travel booking, This Travel website scam will amaze you!

Fraud in the name of travel booking, This Travel website scam in India will amaze you!

The entire vacation will be lost, and all money will be lost.

Every time I think about compiling information about online fraud into a book, a new tactic appears. It is believed that incidents of cheating with YouTube videos and working from home are still occurring and that a new method is gradually spreading. The thugs have chosen an excellent time for this. Because it is the holiday season, people are cheating in order to travel. What if Technical Dost warned you?


Travel website scam

Although people travel all year in the country and around the world, the level of travel increases as the summer season approaches. The reason could range from school vacations to the cold of the mountains. Because the world is now digital, the entire journey can be planned in a flash using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Where to go, how to get there, when to get there, and why to go there only. The answers to all of the why questions are immediately visible. All you have to do is use an app website or chatbot. But this is where the game begins. Cyber thugs are feeding flowers in the name of this app or website. They Create Fake Travel Websites that look exactly like the original. It is extremely difficult to differentiate these Fake Travel Websites, at first, second, or even third sight.

From tickets to hotel prices, people are tempted by the names of offers. Whatever you think, no offers will be given on the ticket because its price is fixed. Even if it is not fixed, everyone has an idea of how much the price will be. The smart game happens here. The price of the ticket is seen as real, but it is framed in the name of cashback and bonus points. Understand that if the ticket price is Rs 100 and Rs 30 is returned on that, then who will leave it?

Seeing such offers, it is obvious that a man’s mind will get restless. People start booking return tickets as well. Things like strong discounts on hotel stays, free upgrades, and total package deals are also ready for cheating here. If the thought of international travel remains, then promises like free visas and unlimited mobile data plans are also made. Where you are running with a budget of lakhs, the dream of having fun in thousands is shown.

And since you have already fallen into a Travel website scam, you don’t need to be told what will happen next. No matter what happens, a thug will agree with it. The best way to look at these offers is to keep your feet on the ground. Simply put, any offer above the limit is a sign of fraud. Free things do not exist. Never forget this.

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