Twitter Job Posting Feature: A Challenge to LinkedIn?

Twitter Job Posting Feature

Imagine finding your dream job while checking out the latest memes and news on your social media platform – sounds like a win-win, right? Well, it might become a reality soon! Twitter is stepping into the world of job hunting.

In May, Elon Musk gave a little hint about this upcoming feature. When someone suggested that Twitter should introduce dating features, Musk responded with, “Interesting idea, maybe jobs too.” Well, it seems that idea stuck, and now we’re here!

The Twitter Hiring Feature

Twitter is working on a feature that lets verified organizations, post new Twitter job listings directly on their profiles. Verified organizations are those Accounts you often see with a blue checkmark next to their names. So, if you’re looking for a job at one of these prestigious organizations, Twitter might become your new job search hotspot from now on.


How Does It Work?

Here’s the cool part: Some verified organizations are already using this feature! They can post job listings right under their Twitter bios. When you spot exciting Twitter job opportunities, click on it, and – you’ll be whisked away to the company’s website, where you can learn more about the position and apply.


No Extra Costs

Now, you might be wondering if this feature comes with a hefty price tag. Good news: it doesn’t! Verified organizations won’t have to pay extra to access this Twitter job posting feature. For example, media company Workweek got access to it as part of Twitter’s $1,000 per month “Verified for Organizations” package. So, companies can reach potential job candidates without breaking the bank.

Threads by Meta: A Closer Look at the App Poised to Rival Twitter

Twitter is no newbie in the social media game, but it’s taking a bold step to challenge big players like LinkedIn and Indeed in the job market. To boost their job-seeking capabilities, Twitter bought a job-matching tech startup called Laskie earlier this year. This acquisition likely played a role in developing and launching the job posting feature.

This new job posting feature could change the game for job seekers and employers alike. While Twitter users have always shared job openings through regular tweets, this new functionality makes it easier for companies to connect with potential candidates across Twitter’s vast user base.

So, the next time you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed, keep an eye out for that dream job opportunity – you never know when your career might take an exciting turn, Thanks to Twitter I mean X!

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