Mobile Companies are fooling you with 6 Useless Smartphone feature

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Mobile Companies are fooling you with 6 Useless Smartphone feature

Mobile Companies are fooling you with 6 Useless Smartphone feature

These days, cell phones have a ton of different features to get people interested in buying them. For example, to take the lead over competitors, features like multi-windows, cameras with high megapixels and multi-camera, storage, RAM, processor, dual network bands, battery back up, fast charge, and inbuilt software to change any language into your choice of language, All these things come together in a bundle to get more customers.

Many times, we don’t need many features on our phones, but we still pay for extra features. On the other hand, with extra features, we get impressed and pay more. Technical Dost suggests you do not go for those features which you don’t require. Many smartphones are all styles and have no substance. That’s why Technical Dost called them the Useless Smartphone feature. All these companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and many more are making fools of us by charging for those features which are not required at all. Mobile Companies Fooling with Useless Features.

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Here are Mobile Companies are fooling you with 6 Useless Smartphone features by Technical Dost.


1. Several camera sensors

Multiple cameras provide improved pictures and optical zoom functionality. You have probably seen three to four cameras on a phone. They all work, but they are all of no use. just because, most of the time, we don’t use all of these cameras. We usually work with a primary camera. Have you ever used a micro camera? Why pay for an extra camera? If you look at the camera configuration, you will be surprised by the combination, such as the primary camera’s 48 MP. and a 2 MP macro camera. Does that make any sense? Why should I pay for this nonsense?


2. Additional Display

A smartphone with a secondary display screen on the back panel usually has a small secondary display screen that shows things like notifications, the time, the weather, and other useful information. Do we really need a secondary display on the back panel of our phone? There is nothing to say if you have some extra cash for this Useless Smartphone feature. If you already have a full display screen, then why pay extra for that screen? It’s a scam to get more money from customers. Don’t waste your money.


3. Flip

Samsung introduced the flip phone. Smartphone companies have found a new way to dupe us. I have a 6-inch phone. What they did was just fold it into two parts smartly. Now you get impressed. Wow, it’s different. But for this difference, you pay a high amount. Did this flip thing really deserve to pay more? On the other hand, the durability of flip phones is also questionable. Even the phone display is not up to the mark like regular phones. After compromising on all the features, you hold a flip phone. A few days later, you will see these phones at half the rate. Don’t get a flip for a flip phone.


4. Plastic-based body

Many companies offer flagship phones. Praise their features in such a way that customers feel compelled to buy them right away. Flagship phones around 40k like the IQOO 9 Pro have features like never before, processors unmatched, and a back panel with a plastic body. Can you imagine you could fool yourself by buying a phone for 40,000 rupees with a plastic body? Can’t these manufacturers use glass or metal back panels?

You went someplace, and you showed your phone to your friend proudly. Do you imagine how your friend will react after knowing that you carry a 40,000 rupees phone with a plastic panel? Dear Manufacturers, The customer can pay you more but do a justification with them. 


5. Pre-Installed Application

Why do Mobile companies put unwanted pre-installed apps like Moj? I can install it by myself if I need anything. Nothing is free in this world. They charge for such useless apps too. Check out Xiaomi phones, full of pre-installed ads and bloatware. You just need to open the phone and an ad of Sunny Leone dancing will pop up. We didn’t buy a phone for ads. Please stop doing this.

Let the customer live with their own choices. Don’t burden customers with your stupid business tactics. Even you are not providing a charger. If you need charity or want to loot a customer, then tell them openly. Check to see if you can uninstall pre-downloaded useless apps after purchasing. if you can’t uninstall it, check out other options.


6. Quick Charger with Small Battery

Within 10 to 15 minutes, your phone will be fully charged. Within half an hour, your phone will have regained its full charge if you keep it plugged in. Every single person who uses a phone hears and reads all of these lines on a daily basis. But the point is, fast charging just gives you a fast charge, but the battery capacity is the same. What’s the problem with increasing the phone’s battery mAh? They think the customer is a fool. They want us to keep charging our phones all day. Can’t they give us a more powerful battery?

Companies charge a huge amount from customers, but can they stop fooling us? Whether or not you provide a fast charger, hardly matters. but at least, provide a powerful battery of 5,000 to 6,000 mAh battery minimum. For all such useless Smartphone features, we always pay an extra amount. Next time before you make a smartphone purchase, just keep these points in mind.

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