Users Can Now Seamlessly Download Public Reels: Instagram Joins the Club

Users Can Now Seamlessly Download Public Reels: Instagram Joins the Club

Finally, the long-awaited feature is here! Instagram has announced that users can now download Instagram Reels posted by others, allowing them to easily share these captivating videos outside the app. TikTok, a rival short video platform, has had this feature for years, and it’s about time Instagram caught up. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting update!


Step 1: Tap, Share, and Download!

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri made the much-anticipated announcement on his Instagram broadcast channel on Tuesday. He also revealed that users in the United States will be able to download Instagram Reels directly to their camera roll. It’s as simple as tapping on the share icon and choosing Download. Voilà! The Reel is now saved on your device for future sharing.

Step 2: Public Reels Only

Before you get too carried away, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. The download feature is currently only available for Reels posted by public accounts. Private accounts cannot be downloaded. This decision protects the privacy of users who prefer to keep their content within a smaller circle.

Step 3: The Power of Choice

Not all public accounts are pleased that their Reels have been downloaded by others. Thankfully, Instagram has foreseen this and allows users to disable the download feature for their Reels. Content creators can retain control over how their videos are shared and enjoyed in this manner.

Users Can Now Download Public Reels: Instagram Joins the Club
Users Can Now Download Public Reels: Instagram Joins the Club

Users Can Now Download Public Reels

Watermarks: The Good, the Bad, and the Instagram Logo

The burning question regarding downloaded Reels is: Will there be a watermark? While Adam Mosseri did not explicitly confirm or deny this, a picture he shared suggests that the downloaded videos will include the iconic Instagram logo in addition to the account name. This approach is similar to TikTok’s format, which also adds a watermark to downloaded videos. Don’t be concerned! Instagram has always allowed users to download their own Reels without watermarks from drafts.

Instagram made a significant change in 2021 when it stopped promoting content with a TikTok watermark (or any watermark) on videos. Last August, YouTube followed suit, adding a logo-based watermark to downloaded Shorts, their own short video product. This action was intended to discourage cross-platform sharing. So, what explains Instagram’s sudden decision to allow Reel downloads? It’s most likely a strategic move to entice users to spend more time directly on the platform watching captivating content.

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Users Can Now Download Public Reels

What Does This Mean for Instagram?

Instagram hopes to make its platform more engaging and dynamic by adding a download feature for Reels. They hope to attract a larger audience and keep viewers captivated within their ecosystem by allowing users to easily share Reels outside of the app. TikTok’s shareable videos have soared in popularity, and it’s no surprise that Instagram wants a piece of the action.

So, get ready to explore the world of Reels like never before! Download and share your favourite videos, discover new creators, and keep your social media game strong. With Instagram’s latest update, the possibilities are endless. Happy Reel-ing!

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