Vi free Unlimited 4g Data

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Vi free Unlimited 4g Data

Vi free Unlimited 4g Data! There is an intense war going on between Vodafone, Airtel, JIO, and Idea.  Ever since the tariffs are increased the number of ports is overwhelming.  People are rushing toward BSNL like free food. The customers seem to be enjoying this battle greatly though. Read more “Vi free Unlimited 4g Data article“.

Recently, JIO came up with a plan of 100 MB/Day for 30 days in just 1 rupee and regretted the decision as soon as it was out, and changed it to 10 MB/Day. Companies like Airtel are not behind in this war either. They all are trying to compete for their best but Vi seems to be winning this battle by launching this new amazing plan.

Those who get good networks of Vi free Unlimited 4g Data in their areas and are happy with the services will be falling head over heels for these new plans.

The following are the latest plans given by Vi :

  • Weekend data rollout

You can use your residual data on weekends. The amount of data we users actually utilize every day varies and I think we all will agree that a lot of that goes to waste. Whatever amount of that leftover data is there, will be accumulated on your weekends altogether for you to spend.

  • Data delight

Free date of 2 GB as a backup for all users free of cost. How? Simply call customer care (login to vi apps or dial 121249) or you can activate it through the VIP section of the app as well. Extra 2 GB each month.

  • Unlimited data from 2-6 am

Yes, you read it right. If I were to tell you this news personally you might kiss me with delight because you will get free data from 12 at the midnight to 6 in the morning for all your whims and fancies. It won’t get deducted from your daily amount of data. You can go all crazy with your phone at night because of Vi free Unlimited 4g Data all free, free, free.

Now, those of you who might want to accuse me of this being sponsored information can sit back and enjoy whatever plans you are using currently. I personally liked it so I passed it on. Although, I would like to add that if the networks of Vodafone are not that great in your area, then there is no point in any of this. Judge by your own experience.

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