Voice command payments in UPI: 4 Exciting Features You Need to Know About

Voice command payments in UPI: 4 Exciting Features You Need to Know About

Have ever had those moments when you’re out with friends, splitting a bill, fumbling for cash, or dealing with tricky payment apps? Well, guess what? The world of digital payments is evolving faster than ever, and the star of the show is UPI payments! If you thought scanning QR codes was cool, get ready for a whole new level of convenience and fun. Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and hello to simplicity, as we introduce you to the fantastic four features that are about to make your UPI experience a breeze.


1. Voice Command Payments

Imagine this: You’re at your favorite café, and it’s time to settle the bill. Instead of tapping away on your phone, you simply say, “Transfer 100 rupees to my buddy.” Yes, you heard it right! UPI payments can now be made using your voice. Just like chatting with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, you can speak your payment instructions into your UPI app’s microphone, and it’ll do the rest. Worried about sending money to the wrong account? Don’t be! The entire process will be displayed on your screen for your peace of mind.


2. UPI Payments via SMS

Are you engrossed in a thrilling Netflix series or watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube when suddenly, a payment reminder pops up? No need to panic anymore! You can make payments with a simple SMS command. Soon, your UPI app will have an option like “Pay @ UPI id ₹ 100.” Just text this command, and your payment is sorted. Lazy days just got even lazier!


3. RBI’s Credit Line on UPI

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced a game-changer: Credit Line on UPI. What does that mean? Well, it’s like having a pre-approved credit limit from your bank that you can use for payments. While the details are still a bit hazy, it’s a fantastic option for those times when you’re low on funds but need to make a payment.


4. UPI LITE X for Offline Payments

Poor internet connectivity got you down? No worries! UPI LITE X has your back. This feature allows you to send and receive money even when you’re offline. It’s a game-changer for areas with patchy network coverage. All you need is a device with Near Field Communication (NFC) support. Simply tap your device on the payment machine or another smartphone, and the money will be deducted once you’re back online. Think of it like making in-flight payments.

These four exciting features were recently announced by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das at the Global Fintech Festival, and they’re set to revolutionize the way you handle UPI payments. So, no more excuses from your friends when it’s time to pay them back – UPI just made it easier and cooler than ever!

Get ready for the future of payments, where convenience is king, and making payments is as easy as chatting with your favorite virtual assistant.

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