Warning: Do not make Reels in these locations

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Warning: Do not make Reels in these locations

Warning: Do not make Reels in these locations

We all love to watch Reels and Shorts in our free time. They are short videos that don’t take a long time and we can watch them anytime. But there are some reels and shorts where people sometimes forget that they are in public and they should consider other people too.

Actually, the Delhi Metro is a popular filming location. Many of the videos created within it have gone viral. If you can’t remember, think about the person who performs the act of vomiting. This is only one example. People are so obsessed with going viral that they will lie down on the metro floor. While others are seen doing aerobics and dancing.

Given all of this, Delhi Metro was forced to issue a warning. DMRC shared a poster on its official Twitter account. The poster clearly states,

Even after this, Delhi Metro posted many more posts in its funny style but with warnings. This is a matter of Delhi Metro. But there are many other places where there is a ban on making such videos. If people still do not agree, then the dialogue ‘Law has long arms’ is for them only. There are so many reels downloader online tools

Where are there restrictions on making reels?

We are not preventing you from making reels; we are simply providing you with some important information. Taking selfies on the railway track was long prohibited by Indian Railways. If you do this, legal action may be taken against you, and you may be fined. Many people have been killed while filming videos on the railway track.

Not only that but taking selfies is prohibited in places such as the Kumbh Mela and voting booths. Carrying a cell phone in many religious places is now strictly prohibited. You already know what will happen if you get caught here.

In any case, Technical Dost would suggest you should be exercised when creating reels. And you should not make Reels in these locations. Your passion should not become a source of contention for others.

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