2023 New Online Fraud Methods

Technical Dost

India has as much online fraud as tea. Online fraud has evolved. Fashion has changed. For your safety, we have listed the five most recent forgery methods.

By Offering Work From Home

Hearing about working from home and good pay traps people. An offer letter finishes the job. Any company requesting money back. Freelancers should be extra cautious.

Your account/wallet will receive several hundred or thousands of rupees from anywhere. Accidental deposits will occur. Return it. If you agree, the link or code will request payment. Be cautious, and if someone gives you money, deposit it with account information or ask them to follow the law.

Saying sent money to your wallet by mistake

Give OTP the to cancel the parcel

A man would appear before the parcel when the doorbell rang. "I'll cancel it," the deliveryman says. Give your OTP. OTP is well-known. Account depletes quickly.

Brother, my phone's off. May I call? While you talk, your phone dials some numbers and forwards them. The criminal's mood decides next. Never give anyone the phone.

A phone call becomes a call to the account

You were contacted through the Telegram group. Simply reviewing the film is the job. To begin with, you are given money. When trust is established, the desire for double money is removed from you in one day or another.

Offering to do movie reviews and earn lakhs