Government Propaganda Techniques

The government manipulates your decisions through recommended media, shaping your perceptions and choices without your awareness or consent.

1. Recommended media:

It is widespread across 93 countries, where disinformation alters public opinion through recommended media channels.

2. Computational propaganda:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube utilize computational propaganda techniques to influence users' decisions and behaviors.

3. Social media platforms:

Such as scrolling, liking, or making calls, are used to create AI models that tailor content to manipulate your decisions.

4. Your online activities:

From free applications installed on your phone to create personalized models and influence your decisions.

5. Purchase your data:

They employed to sway public opinion, spread disinformation, and harass dissenting voices, often through fake accounts and negative comments.

6. Cyber troops:

It flood social media platforms, with positive comments on government-backed content and negative comments on opposing views.

7. Fake posts and comments:

They are endorse government policies or products, exploiting confirmation bias to manipulate public opinion.

8. Celebrities and influencers are paid:

They are engage in click farming, artificially inflating engagement metrics to deceive users and reinforce confirmation bias.

9. Ordinary individuals are paid: