What is Deep Fake and how to identify deep fake?

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What is Deep Fake and how to identify deep fake?

What is Deep Fake and how to identify deep fake?

Technology has both positive and negative elements. Technology becomes more harmful when it is utilized by the wrong hand or by someone who does not care. Cyber World is a subset of technology. We have a very powerful communication channel in the shape of personal messaging apps, social media sites, or videos. Every day, we receive a large number of video messages.

We often believe in them without questioning whether they are real or not. Fake news and films were more dangerous during the battle. Fake material is used to influence politicians and the public by manipulating people’s views of reality. They are intended to exacerbate social discord and weaken people’s trust in democracy. Russian President Putin’s “deep fake” video is an example of live viral content. I’d want to explain what a Deep Fake Video is.


What is Deep Fake?

Deep forgery Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the video. Technology is being used to fabricate content, substitute faces, act, and influence emotions. “Deep Fake” refers to deceptive content (video or audio recording). Deep fake videos are intended to mislead viewers.


Famous People and Deep Fake

A deep spoof of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s image went viral. People believed it to be true. However, it was a deep fake video. Such movies demonstrate that there is a significant digital battle on bogus videos.

Deep Fake films feature your own visage superimposed on the face of another man. At first glance, it does not appear to be a deep fake video. To put it another way, your face is placed on someone else’s body. Impressions appear to be speaking as well. Before you believe anything in a video, double-check it.

Deep false videos of numerous celebrities, including Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan, and Tom Cruise, have already gone viral, garnering millions of likes. Even with my phony video.


How to Identify Deep Fake Videos?

  • Eye Movements

Unnatural eye movement will be noticeable.

  • Facial Expression

Usually, our facial expressions correspond to our words. Fake videos, on the other hand, have facial expressions that do not match the faces.

  • Less Emotion

Facial expressions were not used to support the emotions expressed through speech. Every single word is devoid of emotion or conviction.

  • Hairstyle

When a video is fake, the face is usually replaced with another face. It is very common to discover that a person’s hairstyle does not complement their face shape.

All of these are important factors to consider when identifying deep fake videos.


The Purpose of Deep Fake

Deep fakes are frequently used to disseminate misinformation. It occurs frequently for a variety of reasons, including personal, political, and other considerations. Furthermore, there could be a variety of other explanations. On the other hand, such behavior is harmful not only to individuals but also to societies and countries. The goal of a deep-fake film can also differ from case to case. Consider the following:

  • Pornography of any person or celebrity.
  • In elections to divert voters.
  • Blackmail and deception.
  • Theft of Personal Data, Etc.


Google can help you to identify Deep Fake

If you have any doubts about the veracity of a video, piece of content, or speech, you should Google the link in question to see if the information is already available. You can also include a screenshot. As a result, you will bear the consequences.


You risk facing severe repercussions from the administration. If they discover that you are disseminating any fraudulent film or content through any medium, you should avoid engaging with them. Avoid getting involved. Fake news can be extremely harmful to both you and society as a whole. You will be charged with interfering with the peace and harmony of the country.

Everyone, young and old, falls into the common trap of sharing hoax films without first verifying their authenticity. As a result, I believe you will be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake video the next time.

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