What is the AnTuTu benchmark?

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What is the AnTuTu benchmark?

What is the AnTuTu benchmark?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what the AnTuTu Benchmark is. One of the most well-liked benchmarking programs for Android cell phones is AnTuTu. It assesses various aspects of your device and assigns it a final score; the results are frequently discussed in online reviews.

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What does an AnTuTu score mean?

The AnTuTu MEM Score essentially measures how quickly and how much memory your phone has.  Random-Access Memory is referred to as RAM, whereas Read-Only Memory is referred to as ROM. While flash storage or an internal SD card is utilized for long-term storage, RAM is employed by your device for working memory.

1. Total number of points

AnTuTu benchmark, like other benchmarking software, provides your device with both an overall numerical score and individual results for each test. The results of the individual scores are combined to produce a composite score.

2. Processor Efficiency

The first component of your final score is your CPU score. The outcomes of CPU mathematical operations, CPU common algorithms, and CPU multi-core are included in the CPU score.

The CPU score is a measurement of how quickly your phone responds to commands. The central processor unit (CPU) of your device performs the majority of the computation. Everything on your device will appear faster as a result of a faster CPU’s ability to make programs run faster.

3. GPU Rating

The second component of your final score is your GPU score. This score is made up of the output of graphic components such as OpenGL and Vulkan, depending on your hardware.

The GPU score describes how well your phone’s 2D and 3D graphics perform. Improved Graphics

4. Evaluation of MEM

Your MEM score is the third component of your overall score.  The results of RAM access, ROM APP IO, ROM sequential read and write, and ROM random access are all included in the MEM score.

The AnTuTu MEM Score essentially measures how fast your phone is and how much memory it has.

5. User Experience Evaluation

Your UX score makes up the fourth and final part of your overall score. The user experience score, on the other hand, is made up of the results of the video CTS and decoding tests, as well as data security, processing, and image processing results.

What is the AnTuTu benchmark?
What is the AnTuTu benchmark?

Can you trust these numbers?

Benchmarks are completely erroneous and do not reflect actual usage. Because reviews use the findings, some manufacturers may tweak their products to run faster in specific benchmark apps, effectively cheating testing and making their phones appear faster than they are.

How do I run AnTuTu on Android?

Swipe up to the Tests page, select the tests to run, and then click Start to start AnTuTu. The test results will be displayed on the Score tab once they have been completed.

Why is AnTuTu not on the Play Store?

Antutu, one of the first developers to host an app on the Google Play Store, was founded in 2011. The FoneLab is one of the most popular smartphone and tablet benchmark tests. However, Antutu is no longer available in the Google Play Store. Citing allegations of advertising fraud and violations of privacy,

Is AnTuTu banned in India?

According to Android Police, Google reportedly banned all Antutu apps from Cheetah Mobile as part of a broader anti-app campaign. Antutu Benchmark, Antutu 3DBench, and Antutu Benchmark have all been removed from the company’s shelves.

Is the AnTuTu App Safe?

Yes, using the app and granting those permissions are entirely risk-free. This app evaluates the benchmark score. It requires nearly all rights to gain full access to the device, runs various tests at maximum efficiency, and prints the results of multiple tests.

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