Whatsapp/Facebook hack – Don’t click on this video

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Whatsapp/Facebook hack – Don’t click on this video

Technology has evolved so much now that even if you see a simple video on your phone, DON’T YOU DARE OPEN IT? Yes, a simple video can rob you of your privacy in a matter of seconds. Such type of incidents Whatsapp/Facebook hack is spreading like corona these days.

There are so many Facebook and WhatsApp users who fall victim to these traps as they get a video on their messenger or a post saying they’ve been caught in an erotic post and please check if it’s really you. To see further just click on this link.. and like a mouse chases the cheese we open the link in such a hurry due to this anxiety building up in our heads.

We forget to think rationally.. and that’s exactly what they want. To not give us the time to think this through.. that’s why they come up with such catchy ideas. If you want to know How to be safe from Facebook and Whatsapp hacks (Whatsapp/Facebook hack)? this article is for you only.

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The moment people click on that link.. they get screwed. You can say goodbye to your Facebook/WhatsApp account because it is no longer yours because of your Whatsapp/Facebook hack. The main reason why this is happening is that a lot of people get messages from their friend lists or even from some unknown identity saying “is it you”… “Is that your video?”… “You make adult content wow”.. and many more catchy phrases like that.

Now pretty girls might love to hear about their increasing popularity and would click on that without even blinking. Guys are not safe either.. people who are desperate for any girl in this whole wide world get these messages from hackers under the cover of beautiful girls in messages. It is enough for desperate guys to stop thinking from their brains but from another part of their bodies.

Now, Is it actually that simple to hack someone’s whole ID?  if so.. we all would be doing it but thankfully it’s not. There is one other step the hacker has to go through to access your private stuff. After you click on that magic link you get redirected to a page very similar to the one Facebook has. It asks for your login id and password exactly as Facebook does.

Now as we established earlier that people are not thinking by their brains because of the catchy phrases hackers used to build up our excitement.. we fill in all the details like our email and password and anything it asks for.

Now, the video that they longed to see may open or may not but it is definitely not them in the video(I think we all already know that by now). Sometimes they get redirected to some other pages.. and as soon as it is done, Voila.. the hacker has won. The only way you can call them out is by checking the address bar of the page that is asking you to log in.

Take your own sweet time before filling up all the information the page has asked you to do. In the top left corner, you can check if it says facebook.com(or whatever app it’s supposed to be) or not.

You would be surprised to know that the hackers have not limited themselves to this only trick. They are very creative actually. Some might try to lure you in with exciting deals or mind-numbing tragedies to your precious families or pretty girls/boys(whatever you are into). They try to get into your head like a nail in the wall so you would stop thinking and just do the whole thing asap. As soon as you do that they hack you with their fake links and fake pages and Whatsapp/Facebook hack.

Whatsapp/Facebook hack 

How to be safe

  • Good old lesson from our childhood. “don’t take candy from strangers”. Don’t click on unknown links(especially from strangers).
  • Two-factor authentication. This baby will help you connect your id with your phone number and whenever you(or anyone who has fooled you) try to open your account, they won’t be able to get through without the OTP that you get on your number.
  • Don’t log in to all the devices you see in front of your eyes. Just try and use only the ones that are of regular use to you. Logging out doesn’t really ensure your security always.
  • Don’t fall into the traps of quick fame. “increase followers fast” or “get more engagement on your posts” and be cautious around such hookup schemes.

Now all I can say is.. don’t be fooled, be safe.. and if you really want to be fooled, it’s completely on you. Have fun. Peace out. This is the conclusion to be safe from Whatsapp/Facebook hacks.

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Whatsapp/Facebook hack 

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