WhatsApp Pink Scam the most dangerous app

WhatsApp Pink Scam the most dangerous app

There are different types of online scams happening these days. Beware of any online app scams. Before downloading any kind of application, read about it properly. New messaging apps also keep running their new versions and updates. In India, WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used application. and the icon for WhatsApp is green. The name of a new WhatsApp is being heard nowadays, its name is WhatsApp Pink. Let’s talk about WhatsApp Pink.

.WhatsApp Pink Scam

The WhatsApp Pink Scam:

Most girls like the color pink. They have a special place in their hearts for the color pink. Maybe pink sounds more girlish or cute to them. The word “pink” reminds me of our discussion. While using “WhatsApp,” any day you can get a message to download WhatsApp in pink instead of the standard green one. But don’t download it. 

Currently, WhatsApp does not offer any pink WhatsApp programs. If WhatsApp conducts any program, then why not make it available on its official website? So it’s a program designed to scam and hack your device. 

.WhatsApp Pink Scam

Behind “WhatsApp Pink” is a hacker.

Users will get a message to download a pink version of the app. Messages appear with a link and suggest downloading a new version of WhatsApp with new features. This app’s name is “WhatsApp Pink.” This app is a malicious app.

.WhatsApp Pink Scam

Consequences of WhatsApp Pink

Undoubtedly, this clone of WhatsApp will steal all your personal data, photographs, chats, contacts, videos, and social media account details, along with financial details. It will gain complete control of your phone and will be difficult to remove, even after a factory reset. You can be blackmailed by anyone after stealing your data. Your data can be sold to a third party too. This app seems to be similar to the original app. Be cautious of WhatsApp Pink!! A virus is spreading in WhatsApp groups with download links.

.WhatsApp Pink Scam

What should you do?

Lastly, please do not download any of the WhatsApp Pink, Green, or Golden versions. Do not show any interest in their beautiful colours. Pink is a sign of danger in what’s app. Surely you want to know who is spreading this malicious app. Not anyone else, it’s you and me only. The message we received for WhatsApp Pink also said your app colour will change once you forward the same link to 10 more people. In this way, we ourselves are getting caught in a trap, and we also trap others.

You should take these messages seriously. When You go to the official website and first check for the new update of that app. Read the reviews of that application too!

Take care of yourself and stay away from this dangerous WhatsApp Pink.

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