What do 4 exciting WhatsApp premium features look like?

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What do 4 exciting WhatsApp premium features look like?

WhatsApp has released an announcement regarding its premium service. The instant messaging platform has recently presented its WA Business. Where customers can have the option to subscribe to the service. It is currently available in the most recent beta version of both Android and iOS.

WaBetaInfo, the website that keeps track of WhatsApp’s development, discovered this feature in April of this year. Let’s take a look at how the newest feature will function.


WhatsApp Premium is optional

WaBetaInfo describes WhatsApp Premium as being a voluntary tier of service. You are the only person who can decide whether or not to take it, so the decision is entirely up to you. If you do not take it, you will continue to receive all of the features that you are currently receiving even if you do not take it. But when you sign up for a premium subscription, you will almost certainly gain access to some previously unavailable features.


How to start Whatsapp Premium?

You can activate WhatsApp Premium by going to the Settings menu within the app. This premium plan is an optional upgrade for some of the business accounts that use WhatsApp. In the coming days, there will be a new section of ‘WhatsApp Premium’ that will be available in the settings of those who use a business account.

What do 4 exciting WhatsApp premium features look like?

What benefits of Whatsapp Premium?

  1. One of the most useful features will be that, you will be able to connect up to ten different devices at the same time. This will make it extremely simple for business users to manage the process as they move from one order to the next.
  2. Users who subscribe to the Premium service will have the option of receiving a one-of-a-kind short link. This link will allow customers to begin a conversation with the business without having to navigate away from the page. Every three months, you will have the opportunity to change this link.
  3. With the introduction of this feature, not only will it be simpler to manage chats in premium subscriptions, but also an increasing number of people within an organization will be able to interact with customers using the same WhatsApp account. 
  4. WhatsApp Premium is an upgrade that is completely optional and subscriptions can be canceled at any time.


Despite the fact that this feature is currently only accessible in the beta version of the software. Absolutely nothing has been discovered about the remaining aspects of the feature or the cost associated with it. This feature of WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is being viewed as a potential threat to the premium subscription offered by Telegram.

Only a few short months ago, Telegram began offering its users the option to subscribe to premium plans. These plans begin at Rs. 179 and include a wide variety of features, such as a file upload capacity of 4 GB and 1000 channels, among other things. It will be interesting to see how WhatsApp Premium compares to Telegram Premium in the future.

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