The new Whatsapp self-message feature will change everything

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The new Whatsapp self-message feature will change everything

The new Whatsapp self-message feature will change everything

A new Whatsapp self-message function WhatsApp has recently begun rolling out. It’s possible to send a message to your own WhatsApp account, which will then appear in your main WhatsApp inbox alongside all of your other messages.

The Whatsapp self-message function WhatsApp allows its users to communicate with themselves through the sending of reminders, to-do lists, and other messages.

On Monday, the Meta-owned IM app announced that the new messaging feature would be made available to all Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. According to WABetaInfo, which monitors the beta version of WhatsApp, testing began with a small group of users in late October. According to TechCrunch, the company has confirmed that the new feature has begun rolling out worldwide.

Whatsapp self-message feature sends reminders.

When a user initiates a new WhatsApp chat, their contact will appear at the top of the list of available contacts. If you tap on that contact, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can chat with yourself.

Although the ability to send a Whatsapp self-message is a recently added feature, some WhatsApp users have been using a workaround for quite some time. The app’s “click to chat” feature allows you to already have conversations with yourself. In any case, the new service eliminates the need for users to perform additional actions in order to engage in Whatsapp self-messaging via the URL.

If a user doesn’t want to sift through the numerous conversations in their inbox to find a message they sent to themselves, they can pin it to the top of the list.

The new Whatsapp self message feature will change everything
The new Whatsapp self-message feature will change everything

Signal won’t recommend your profile

A similar functionality, called “Note to Self,” can be found in the competing app Signal, which allows you to compose messages solely for your own internal consumption. Signal, however, does not recommend your profile as the top recipient, unlike WhatsApp’s recently introduced feature, which can be accessed from the app’s top contact list. Note to Self must be entered into the search bar and clicked on for the feature to work.

The “Jot Something Down” channel on the community platform Slack serves the same purpose, allowing users to privately communicate with themselves via note-taking.

Telegram saves bookmarks, notes, and reminders

In a similar vein, Telegram’s Saved Messages feature allows users to bookmark messages and save their own notes and reminders that can be accessed in the future. When a conversation has ended, the saved messages will appear at the top of the screen. On Android, this means tapping the hamburger menu, while on iOS it means going into the app’s settings.

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