WhatsApp Testing Screen Sharing Feature Along with a New Placement for the Navigation Bar

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WhatsApp Testing Screen Sharing Feature Along with a New Placement for the Navigation Bar

WhatsApp Testing Screen Sharing Feature Along with a New Placement for the Navigation Bar

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is constantly working to improve user experience and introduce new features. WhatsApp is currently testing a screen-sharing feature as well as a redesigned navigation bar placement. These updates aim to give users more functionality and convenience during video calls, while also improving the app’s overall navigation experience.


Screen Sharing During Video Calls

WhatsApp’s beta version now includes a screen-sharing feature that allows users to share their screens during video calls. This feature, which is currently available to selected beta testers via the Google Play Beta Programme, improves communication by allowing users to show their screens to call participants.

To use screen sharing, start a video call and look for the screen-sharing option at the bottom of the call control view. This view also includes call controls such as muting, rotating the camera, and terminating the call. Users who choose to share their screens can broadcast everything on their screens to the call’s participant(s).

It should be noted that this feature may not be supported on older Android versions, and it may not function properly during large group calls or if participants are using outdated versions of WhatsApp.


New Placement for the Navigation Bar

In addition to the screen-sharing feature, WhatsApp has updated the app’s navigation bar. The most recent update relocates the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen, making navigation more accessible and intuitive.

Chats, Calls, Communities, and Statuses have been added to the bottom navigation bar. WhatsApp hopes that placing these tabs at the bottom will improve the user experience by making it easier to switch between different sections of the app. This new location is intended to provide a more user-friendly interface as well as quick access to frequently used features.


WhatsApp Usernames

Furthermore, reports indicate that WhatsApp is developing a new feature known as “WhatsApp usernames.” Instead of relying solely on phone numbers to identify contacts, this feature will allow users to create unique and memorable usernames for their accounts. This update, according to WABetaInfo, aims to improve privacy and give users more control over their personal information.

Users may be able to contact others within the app by entering their usernames, eliminating the need to know their phone numbers, with the introduction of WhatsApp usernames. In the app’s settings, the company intends to include a dedicated section for managing usernames, specifically under WhatsApp Settings > Profile.

WhatsApp users can improve the privacy of their accounts by using usernames, as they no longer need to reveal their phone numbers to communicate with others. This feature gives users more control over their personal data and adds an extra layer of privacy to their WhatsApp experience.

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WhatsApp Testing Screen Sharing Feature

The introduction of new features and interface updates demonstrates WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve its platform. The addition of the screen-sharing feature allows users to improve communication during video calls, while the new navigation bar placement improves user-friendliness and provides easier access to different sections of the app. The upcoming WhatsApp username feature will improve privacy and give users more control over their accounts.

Because these updates are currently being tested, we can anticipate a wider rollout in the near future, benefiting millions of WhatsApp users worldwide. With these advancements, WhatsApp maintains its position as one of the leading messaging platforms, with a focus on user satisfaction and convenience.

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