Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?

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Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?

Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?

Everyone here wants a phone made by an Indian company. The problem is, though, that we don’t have any other choices. There are Chinese-made phones on the market, and they have great quality and a lot of features. Why can’t we use different brands of phones, like Karbon, Lava, or Micromax? In this essay, we’ll find out why these Indian Mobile bands didn’t do well.

Now Let’s get to know with Technical Dost Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?


Mobile brands work in these two ways:

  • OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers, are companies that make and sell finished goods or parts of finished goods that are then resold to end users by their buyers under their own brand names. The name for these companies is “Original Equipment Manufacturers.” The brand’s value could be either good or bad. OEMs are most common in the computer and car industries.

  • ODM (Original  Design Manufacturer)

An original design manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and makes items that are then marketed and sold under the name of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). OEMs are also known as ODMs, which stand for “original design manufacturers.” To put it another way, an ODM gives “ready-to-go” products to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?

This could be because of a few things.

1. There is no research and development department:

During that time, Micromax, Lava, and Karbonn all had enough money to make investments in factories and research and development. The bad news for companies that make smartphones in India is that they don’t have any kind of production facility.

Every company has bought their cell phones from Chinese manufacturers. After that, you can have the phone branded and sell it in India. They might start their own software company that focuses on adding cutting-edge features to existing software. But none of these businesses did anything about it.

2. Strictly concentrating on PROFITS:

Most smartphone brands sold in India had profit margins of between 20% and 30% when they were still in business. It covers a much bigger area than businesses in China. Indian businesses only care about making as much money as possible as quickly as possible. But sadly, this plan didn’t work out at all.

3. Products of Poor Quality:

Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus have recently started selling higher-quality devices at more reasonable prices. On the other hand, Indian businesses wanted to make more money by keeping more of their own profits. On top of that, the quality of Chinese products was much better than that of Indian products.

4. They only perform rebranding.

These Indian businesses don’t make any products on their own. This just spreads the word about the model that is already being used in China. And do it in India using the brand’s original name. They just wrote the name of their company on those Chinese phones.

Why did Indian Mobile brands fail?

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