With these new Windows 11 features, working will be much easier.

With these new Windows 11 features, working will be much easier.

Microsoft may have made preparations to make Windows 11 more user-friendly. Such features (Phone Link iOS Support Windows 11 Features) have been released after a long wait. From screen recording to adding notepad tabs. Not only that, but it appears that the time for iPhone friendship has arrived. “Technical Dost” have compiled a list of four fantastic new Windows 11 features for you.


Screen recording is now simple

We all use Windows’ Snipping Tool. Screen capture is unrivaled. You can now record the screen from this location. The camera icon will appear on the screen. With these new Windows 11 features whether you want to record the entire screen or just a portion of it. Another special trick for you. You can use the Snipping Tool by searching in the taskbar or by using a shortcut. To do this, press the Windows key + Shift key + S.


The iPhone will connect to Windows

The Phone Link app is Android and Windows fodder. Connect this much butter once in use and keep the phone nearby if desired. Everything from phone calls to SMS is available. But there was still nothing for the iPhone. The iPhone will now be connected following the new update. The amazing thing is that iMessage can now be used from here as well.


Full-screen tablet entertainment

This update is for tablet users who prefer to use the tablet’s interface. Prepare to enjoy a full-screen view if you have a PC with a touchscreen. When you switch to tablet mode, the taskbar vanishes. To return to the start menu or other options, simply swipe up from the bottom. Then, from the back, you can access all of the menus.

Note-taking on the notepad

Our headline is correct because the tab feature is now available in Notepad as well. In simple terms, imagine you were writing something on a notepad and then a new idea came to you. with these new Windows 11 features Save it this way, and then create a new note. That is no longer the case. A new tab will be opened when you click the plus icon.


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