Is It Worth to Invest on New Jio Netflix Plans of 1099 and 1499

Is It Worth to Invest on New Jio Netflix Plans

Are you a fan of Netflix? Do you love watching a bunch of your favorite shows and movies at once, but dread having to pay Netflix again every month? Well, I have some excellent news for you! Jio has come up with a great plan that includes benefits from Netflix. Yes, you heard that right. Your recharge and Netflix access will come in the same package. Let’s get into the details, and Technical Dost will help us find our way through the many options.

With these plans, Jio lets you call any network as much as you want. And there’s even more! You will also be able to send 100 SMS messages every single day. There are a lot of those!


Jio 1099 Plan: A Good Option

Jio has a 1,099 plan for people who are good with technology. Imagine getting 2GB of 5G data every day for 84 days, plus a Netflix Mobile Plan for the same length of time. This means you don’t have to worry about watching Netflix on your phone. Let’s take a closer look. Getting this plan by yourself would cost you 749 rupees. Also, the standard price for the Netflix mobile plan is 149 rupees per month. That’s 447 rupees for three months. When you add them up, you get 1,196 rupees, which is 749 plus 447. With the bundle, my friend, you save money.


Jio 1499 Plan:  A Big No

Now, let’s talk about the big gun, which is the 1,499 plan. This one gives you 3 GB of 5G data every day for 84 days, which is a lot. You also get the Netflix Basic Plan, which is fantastic. Here’s where things start to get interesting. If you bought the plan and Netflix separately, it would cost you a total of 999 rupees. The Basic Netflix plan costs about 199 rupees a month, or 597 rupees for three months. When you add those two numbers, 999 and 597, you get 1,496 rupees. Oh, really? Almost the same as the price of the plan! So, the combo might not be your superhero in this case.

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To combine or not to combine, that is the question:

Let’s figure out how to save. With the plans for 84 days, you save about 60 rupees. But here’s the catch: if you buy Netflix by itself, you can avoid that big upfront payment. So, it’s up to you to decide. Do you like deals and are you willing to pay upfront? Your star is the 1,099 plan. Don’t forget that these plans aren’t stuck together. You can buy each one separately and pay for it over time.

From Technical Dost’s playbook, here is the verdict. If your couch and big TV are where you watch Netflix, a 1,499 plan might not be the best way to save money. But if you stream a lot on your phone, the 1,099 plan might save you 60 rupees. Just remember that you can choose different plans and pay each month. The name of the game is being able to change.

So, there you have it, people who watch a lot of TV at once. Some of Jio’s combo plans are good deals, while others might make you think twice. You can choose whether you’re on team TV or team mobile. Have fun streaming, everyone!

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