Unlocking X Monetization: Turn Your Tweets into Treasure in 5 Steps

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Unlocking X Monetization: Turn Your Tweets into Treasure

Unlocking X Monetization: Turn Your Tweets into Treasure

Have you heard about the great news? X, which used to be called Twitter, has started a great way for users to make money while they tweet like crazy. This exciting news has people on Twitter sharing screenshots and stories of how much money they have made. What’s the best? You can also get on the train to make money. We’re here to walk you through each step of the process and how you can have Twitter Monetization.


How to make money on Twitter

Imagine this: You’re reading your feed, laughing at funny tweets and nodding in agreement with ones that make you think. In response to a user’s tweet, an ad pops up all of a sudden. I won! There is where the magic takes place. X has decided to put its users in the spotlight and give them a cut of the money made from ads. It’s like a digital treasure hunt, except that you write Monetize tweets on X instead of looking for treasure.


X Monetization Eligibility

Elon Musk, a tech visionary, told everyone about this great way to make money. What do you know? It has already started. You have to meet a few requirements before you can get on the X Monetization train. Let’s take them apart:

  1. Blue Badge: Remember that hard-to-find blue tick that everyone wants? Well, now I can get there. You can get that blue badge of honour for a monthly fee of Rs 900 on the smartphone version or Rs 650 on the web version.
  2. 500 Followers: Next, put together a group of your online fans. To be eligible, you’ll need at least 500 followers for Twitter follower count for monetization.
  3. Impressions Everywhere: In this money-making factory, good impressions are like golden tickets. At least 15 million people have to have seen your content in the last three months. Impressions are the number of times your content shows up on screens, whether it is clicked on, liked, or just glanced at.
  4. More Impressions, More Fun: Remember that the more there are, the more fun it is. Your content that shows up on the timelines of other people also counts as an impression. So if 100 people see your tweet, you’ve already made 100 impressions.
  5. Double the Impressions: This is exciting! The number of impressions needed has gone from 5 million to a huge 15 million. This makes it possible for more creators to join the money-making party.


Monetization Rules on X

You are qualified? That’s great! Let’s get down to the details of how to get a piece of the money pie:

  1. Creator Subscription and Ad Revenue Sharing: To make money, you need to sign up for both the Creator Subscription and Ad Revenue Sharing programs. These tickets get you into the big show.
  2. Play fair: You can’t cheat. If you try to bend or break the rules, you will be taken out of the money-making extravaganza right away.
  3. Claim Your Treasure: Once the coins start coming in, it’s time to claim them. Go to the “Make Money” section, where you’ll find the tempting “Join and Setup Payouts” button. If you click on it, you’ll move on to the next step.
  4. Your Money Guardian, Stripe: Stripe, a reliable payment service, will watch over your money. Through this doorway, you’ll be able to take your money and run. Even though Stripe is the only option right now, there are rumours that there will be more in the future.
  5. Milestone: Let’s hear a drum roll! When your creator account has about $50 (about 4,000 rupees), you can cash it out. Making money!


The Problem of Payment

The icing on the cake is that X hasn’t quite revealed the payment formula yet, even though the game of making money is already underway. The smart people behind the scenes are still trying to figure out how the magic math works. But don’t worry, Elon Musk has given hints that the eager public will soon find out these details.

So, there you have it: a step-by-step guide to X’s amazing way of making money. With a blue tick, a loyal following, and the ability to collect impressions, you’re on your way to making some extra money while doing what you love. Keep your tweets funny, interesting, and engaging, and who knows what will happen? You might just see your income go through the roof!

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