Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

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Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

Xiaomi is the most popular mobile phone brand in India but unfortunately, Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers. Xiaomi is basically a Chinese company, but its fan following is greater here than in China. In recent years, it has been observed that companies are more famous in other countries than in their native places. For instance, the U.S.-based Apple iPhone brand is more in demand in China. 

Xiaomi is greatly accepted by Indian customers, which is the biggest reason for its popularity. Why Xiaomi is biased. With Xiaomi’s “out of stock policy,” every time they release a new handset, it sells out in a matter of minutes. This customer’s behavior. Xiaomi is biased and creates a good buzz for them. 

The Darker Side Of Xiaomi

Xiaomi is being biased toward Indian Youtubers
Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

Users of any application or phone require privacy. 

The word “encrypted,” which refers to the protection of one’s privacy, is one that each of us hears quite frequently. “Encrypted,” which means that there will be complete secrecy between the two users.

The same conclusion can be drawn from studies conducted by researchers. Researchers examined the Xiaomi MI 10, Redmi K20, and Xiaomi MIx3 to determine how well they protected users’ private information. To say the least, the findings were incredible. They came to the conclusion that activities such as searching for content, sharing content, and viewing content such as videos and pictures are not private or secure.

They are monitoring your every move and paying close attention to what you do. In addition to this, as a means of generating additional revenue, they will also sell the information they collect about you to third parties. However, the researchers did not agree in the slightest with Xiaomi’s denial of the allegations. They have provided a video as evidence, in which it can be seen very plainly that they are watching you and collecting information about you.

Misleading information from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is being biased toward Indian Youtubers
Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

Xiaomi was recently hit with a penalty in the amount of $3,141 in fines. It’s strange to think about why something like this would take place.

TMall was actually the venue where Xiaomi was promoting an advertisement for the K305G smartphone. The phrase “Samsung AMOLED Display” was featured in the image that was used for marketing the smartphone, but in reality, the screen on the handset is an LCD display.

In an attempt to clear things up, Xiaomi explained that it was simply a typing error. It does not stimulate the digestive system in any way. This phone’s popularity can be attributed, in large part, to the AMOLED display that it possesses. It is completely unacceptable for a company that carries such a well-known brand name.

The lowest quality polycarbonate

Polycarbonate, which you can say is the plastic back panel of the phone, is used by many mobile manufacturing companies, including Xiaomi. Polycarbonate is used by many mobile manufacturing companies. According to the results of an experiment conducted by “JerryRighEverything.” In order to provide visual evidence, this experiment was filmed. I have a strong recommendation for all of you to abide by, and that is to avoid using Xiaomi handsets without the back cover. This is for your own protection.

Score Management

Xiaomi also manages its scores. AnTuTu is a mobile application that is typically utilized by a great number of mobile phone manufacturers.  In order to demonstrate to customers, the caliber of the processors contained within their devices.

This score is increased by Xiaomi by 5% as a direct result of using this app. Because of this, the AnTuTu app has also been prohibited on numerous occasions. Because it enables businesses to manage their customers’ scores. The high AnTuTu Score indicates that the processor is of very high quality.

Customers do not receive an accurate representation of the situation when practices of this nature are followed. Xiaomi is biased, Not only does Xiaomi manage the score by AnTuTu, but a lot of other companies do the same thing too.

“Out of stock” policy

Xiaomi is being biased toward Indian Youtubers
Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

The out-of-stock policy is one of Xiaomi’s most recognizable selling points. Every time they launch a new product, it baffles me how quickly they sell out of stock of that product.

They are only interested in building up their own reputation. To begin, they produced a smaller quantity of handsets, and shortly after the launch, each time they announced that all handsets had been sold out. They further reduced the number of handsets they had available.

It would appear that they have a lot of work to do on their marketing strategy in order to be able to satisfy the demand, otherwise, they will have to keep announcing that they are out of stock every time and on every launch.

Xiaomi is biased toward Indian Youtubers

Xiaomi launched the MI MIX Alpha.

They gave this phone to a number of different vloggers, including Mr. “Whose The Boss,” and others, so that they could get their opinions on it. Additionally, review submissions can be made by vloggers. However, none of the Indian technology YouTubers were able to get their hands on this device. There are no reviews of this handset available on any Indian technology YouTube channels that we could find.

Why do you give preferential treatment to Indian tech vloggers? Even during the course of the interview, an Indian tech vlogger attempted to test this phone, but the people in charge did not permit it.

In that video, it was very obvious that the vlogger was attempting to get a hold of the phone, but the person being interviewed was not going to allow that to happen. During a different interview, one of the most popular YouTube content creators in India was able to get his hands on this phone.

The Indian Tech Vlogger community causes Xiaomi a great deal of anxiety. Xiaomi is biased toward Indian YouTubers. They are aware that if Indians are given the opportunity to review the product. They will not waste any time in revealing the real picture of the handset in front of everyone else.

Is Xiaomi your choice?

If you are using Xiaomi, keep these things in mind.

  • They are selling your privacy to others.
  • To make a profit, they also compromise customer privacy and the quality of the product.
  • Even if they are not hesitant to provide customers with misleading information advertisements.

Everything is now in front of you. The rest is your decision. watch video.

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