You’ll never feel down again once you read this

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You'll never feel down again once you read this

It’s a question that is often asked me all the time by a wide variety of different people. Your constant question is, “How do you do it?” After all, what exactly is the secret behind all of this happiness? What exactly is it that brings you such joy? So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to respond to the questions you’ve asked so You’ll never feel down again.

We are Indians, and the general opinion among Indians is that there is no such thing as mental health in India. The unfortunate truth is that this is a massive lie. Our more experienced members of society do not believe that they or any of us have a mental health issue. And this only makes our problems worse when we refuse to acknowledge them for what they are.

What should we do when no one understands us and we have a hard time being happy even though we try our best? You’ll find the solution to your problem right here, so read on and You’ll never feel down again.

That’s just how I see things

I’ll tell you the secret to my happiness. You, too, can find happiness if you understand what I’m saying and adapt my way of thinking. You may not be able to eliminate stress completely, but the method I’ll show you can help.

Many people don’t understand our neverending sadness. If you’re wondering why we’re going through so much trouble, I believe it’s because of ourselves. The desire for happiness is the source of all our suffering. What I mean by this will become clear to you in this article.

So, I want to remind you that joy follows sadness…

The pursuit of happiness may be everyone’s objective in life, but it is essential to keep in mind that there is almost always a price to be paid for it. They are like a buy one get two deal. Because not only do they live together, but they also enter our world at the same time. If happiness comes first, then sadness must undoubtedly follow.

The desire for happiness should not blind us to the fact that suffering is always at the doorway; we must not allow this to happen. Nothing, not even the worst of things, can last forever. Both happiness and sadness are necessary elements for the development of a full story.

As an example, I’ll use the motorcycle that I just bought recently. Having a motorcycle has made my life a lot less complicated. All of these factors will result in the development of unexpected consequences, such as a punctured tire, a broken part, or an accident. Because of this, getting a bike can make you feel both happy and sad at the same time. But the good part is, traveling will be not difficult at all and I will feel pleasure while riding that mother cycle.

Similarly, if you desire happiness, the possibility of experiencing sadness is always present. So you simply have to accept the presence of sadness. Once more, these two are a match made in heaven.

2 Strategies


  •  Bravely accept your failure.

 Bravely accept your grief.
You’ll never feel down again once you read this

When we are happy, we do not share our happiness with others. And when we’re having a good time, we don’t bother anyone with our happiness because no one notices them.

Then we should also cheerfully accept our sorrow and summon all of the courage we possess to face difficult times with a smile on our faces.

It is more beneficial to acknowledge the good fortune you have received rather than to curse it. You’ll never feel down again and you should not be afraid of difficulty. When a problem arises, do not avoid it. You are obligated to make maximum effort in order to solve every issue. The only thing that is required is an important amount of effort, along with honesty. You shouldn’t center your attention on the result of your efforts at this point.

You are out of options at this point, so the only thing you can do is keep working hard and keeping a positive attitude. You should give God complete control over the outcome of the situation and You’ll never feel down again.

You shouldn’t be concerned about how things will turn out.  Do you think that this will be beneficial to you in any way? If you tell yourself that you can handle whatever life throws at you. If you get these points then you’ll never feel down again. Put in your best effort, and the rest will be up to fate.


  • Let’s put an end to our judging ways

You'll never feel down again once you read this
You’ll never feel down again once you read this

Take in the sights and sounds of nature, such as the rivers flowing, the song of birds, and mountains capped in snow.

After being in the fresh air, nobody ever has a complaint. The fact that the river does not flow in the opposite direction has got to have some kind of rationale behind it. Nobody in this town questions the logic behind the blanket of white that has been placed on the peaks of the mountains. When they are in flight, birds use both of their wings, but why is that?

However, we have no objections to the way nature is. Simply go with the flow, as rivers do and You’ll never feel down again.

When we finally learn to accept everything for what it is, only then will we be able to relax and have peace of mind. Everyone in this room is required to give their utmost effort, regardless of how the outcome will turn out.

We need to rewire our brains so that we can accept, with grace and dignity, whatever the good and the bad that life has in store for us. This is how you keep that happy smile on your face throughout the day. No matter what, keep this in mind. You are setting yourself up for disappointment by chasing after happiness. You’ll never feel down again.


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