Your air conditioner is killing you

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Your air conditioner is killing you

Your air conditioner is killing you

You may have used air conditioning, but you are using it incorrectly. In fact, the majority of people are using air conditioning incorrectly. It’s a different fact that I used to be one of those people. You must be wondering what you have made. So the reason is that you may use AC at 16°C or maybe at 18°C, and after doing this, you cover yourself with a blanket. So you’re doing it incorrectly here.

The AC is to make the temperature comfortable for you, not to make Switzerland for you. My humble request to you is to please use AC at 24°C minimum. which is beneficial for not only you but also in many ways. Know more about your air conditioner is killing you by Technical Dost.

What are the benefits of using air conditioning at 24°C?

Energy conservation

You can save 4,000 rupees a year on electricity. 4000 rupees is a lot. Many people may think you are being smarter because we can just turn off the AC, but that is not a solution. If you have an air conditioner, it is to make your life easier. If you have an air conditioner, you should not suffer from heat, but you should also not suffer from cold either.

So, if you use AC in temperatures ranging from 16 ° to 18 °, it will make you cold and lower the temperature. It’s been invented for you to live in a place where you will not feel the heat, but it’s not supposed to mean you should feel cold instead. It’s not bad to feel cold, but the electricity bill will go up a lot because of this. We could save $20 billion in electricity if half of the population switched to 24 °C AC. And personally, you can save up to 18% of your electricity. 

For example, in India, BEE has now set a default temperature of 24°C. You may have noticed that whenever you turn on the AC, it always opens at 24 °C, even though you turn it off at different temperatures. It’s a government rule.

Your air conditioner is killing you
Your air conditioner is killing you

The Ministry of Power (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has said that all room air conditioners (AC) will have to ensure a default temperature setting of the temperature in the appliances at 24 degrees Celsius from January 1, 2020. 10-Dec-2019

Using an air conditioner set to 24°C saves you money each year while also saving the country’s electricity.

Health Benefits

For those people who may not care about electricity, I’d like to inform you that the American Society of Heating (ASHRAE) conducted research on people who live in homes under air conditioning temperatures of 23 °C. The chances of suffering from respiratory disease, headaches, and joint pain are higher in those people. 

So, at 24°C, you will not feel hot or cold; it is a perfect temperature that not only saves electricity but is also beneficial to your health.

Does 24°C take a long time to cool the room?

Well, it’s just a myth. The AC compressor checks the whole room temperature. And after cooling your room, the compressor shuts down or slows down automatically. But if you use AC at 16°C to 17°C, the compressor will not be able to turn off, even though the room is already cold. You haven’t given the command to turn off the compressor. So it simply turns off when its task is done.

You can use a ceiling fan too for better cooling because your air conditioner is killing you

Your air conditioner is killing you

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