Your Android phone is not switching on?

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Your Android phone is not switching on?

Your Android phone is not switching on?

If Your Android phone is not switching on, you might feel panicked and uneasy because you might think something is wrong with it. Given what’s going on, there’s no reason for you to freak out and get upset.

There might be nothing wrong with your phone, or it might just have a simple problem. Check out what might be wrong with your phone and what might work to fix it. Try these methods if Your Android phone is not switching on by Technical Dost.

1. Run a power cycle

If your phone has ever frozen up on you, where the screen won’t move and your touch doesn’t register, you’ve probably tried to turn it off by clicking the power button, but nothing happens.

In this situation, you have a pretty clear choice. One possible solution to the problem is to turn off and on the power. If your device is older and the battery can be taken out, do that. If you have a newer phone, hold down the power button for a few seconds while you wait. You have to keep your finger on the button for at least 10 to 30 seconds. Your phone will now turn back on after a successful restart.

2. The Charging Problem

If the first choice doesn’t work, the problem might be to blame.

Check your connections

First, look at the things that are obvious if Your Android phone is not switching on. Did you remember to charge your phone for sure? Is the charger only partly plugged into the wall? And does the plug work?

Dirt and dust

Next, make sure there is no dust, dirt, or other dirt stuck in your charging cable or the USB port on your phone’s charging port. Remember, connections are fragile. Using a can of compressed air is the best way to clean out ports.

3. Troubleshooting your cable

USB charging cables are known to stop working out of the blue. You can try to use the cable with something else to see if it works. Technical Dost talked about some of the best Android charging cables in case you want to look into other options.

Your Android phone is not switching on?
Your Android phone is not switching on?


4. Check that the battery is receiving power

Wait a minute after you plug your phone or tablet into the charger to see if the battery icon appears on the screen.

If it does, your battery is fine, and you can move on to the next step. You may also see a small flashing red (or other colored) light. If you see this message, it indicates that the battery in your device does not have sufficient power to turn itself on or display anything on the screen. Try again in half an hour.

Not seeing the battery icon or light? This can indicate that your battery is dead and needs to be changed as soon as possible.

5. Examine the Display

It’s possible that your phone could turn on by itself. A broken screen can make it look like the power is out.

Luckily, it’s easy to tell if the problem is your screen. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then wait at least two minutes for the boot process to finish.

Now, just use another phone to call yourself. The screen is to blame for any ringing that may occur on your phone. If it doesn’t, you have to keep going. You need to change the screen on your phone.

6. Perform a factory reset on your Android device

Your device might turn on, but it might not get past the home screen after the boot process. It could be because of a broken update or a custom ROM. You can try to reset your device in this case.

WARNING: If you reset your phone or tablet, everything on it will be lost. Make sure you back up your Android’s important data often

Follow the steps below to use recovery mode to reset your Android phone:

  • Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds until the Android logo appears on the screen. (This key combination is different for different brands.)
  • In Recovery Mode, use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to move around.
  • Press the button to turn it on.
  • After using the volume keys to choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset,” press the power button.
  • Lastly, choose “Yes” to delete all of your information and press the power button.
  • The process of resetting will take a few minutes to finish.

Your Android device may be broken

If Your Android phone is not switching on still now, you may need to accept that you need to bring it to Repair or get a new phone. Remember that some phones are made to be used in places that are dirty or bumpy. If you keep running into closed ports, one of these tools may be the best way to fix the problem.

Your Android phone is not switching on?

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