6 points are YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India

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6 points are YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India

Many things have changed in India since Jio. YouTube is one of them. Before the launch of Jio, the number of YouTube users was not high, but after that, the number of YouTube users increased significantly. Not only YouTube users, but the number of YouTubers has also increased.

Previously, ads used to only last a few seconds, and you could skip them after 2 to 3 seconds. At that time, the advertisements did not bother us much. But as time passed, YouTube started showing ads for a longer duration. First, the skip times increased, then they almost removed the skip button for most of the ads.

Nowadays, YouTube also shows 30-second ads without a skip button. And sometimes, especially when you’re in a hurry, the ads look really annoying. YouTube introduced YouTube Premium. Not only can you remove ads, but you can also use premium YouTube services like background playing and offline downloading. Also, this pack also includes YouTube Music and YouTube Original Series.

Is YouTube premium worth the price? Here’s what the subscription plan offers and whether or not you should sign up for YouTube Premium and whether is YouTube premium worth the price.


  1. How much does YouTube Premium cost?

YouTube is offering prepaid and subscription plans.

6 points are YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India
YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India
  • Basic Plan ($129 per month)

The monthly fee starts at Rs. 129.

  • Student Plan ($79/month)

It costs Rs 79 per month in the ‘Student’ monthly plan, which is eligible only for students. And it requires annual verification. You will first receive a one-month free trial.

  • Family Plan (189/month)

The second option is the ‘Family’ monthly plan. Its cost is 189/month, in which you can add up to five family members to your house. All members must be 13+. There is also a free trial period of one month. 

How does a family plan work?

YouTube family plans allow you to share your YouTube paid subscription with up to five family members who live at the same residential address.

  • The family manager is the primary account holder. Family managers create a Google Family Group and can invite family members to the group.
  • Family members use their own Google accounts to access a shared YouTube paid subscription. Your personal library, subscriptions, and recommendations will not be shared across all accounts.
  • Family groups share access to
  • YouTube Premium
  • YouTube Music Unlimited
  • and other Google services. Learn more about family groups on Google.
Note: Family plans are not currently available in Belarus, Iceland, Israel, Slovenia, South Korea, or Venezuela.
  • Individual Plan (1290/Year)

You get a discounted price when you buy 12 months in advance. It does not auto-renew. Its cost will be $1290 once a year.


2. Videos on YouTube do not contain commercials.

6 points are YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India
YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India

The lack of advertisements is the primary selling point of YouTube Premium. While there are other ways to avoid ads on YouTube, they are not officially condoned and do not deprive creators of income. Plus, the lack of ads extends to all platforms, so you won’t see ads even when you watch on a smart TV app, game console, your phone, or the like.

We know ads are annoying, especially when you only have to sit through a 15-second ad to watch a 30-second YouTube clip. Want to get rid of them? YouTube Premium lets you do this to help the service stay in business and support the creators you watch. So if you don’t like to watch ads then YouTube premium worth the price.

YouTube states that it splits the money it earns from premium subscribers among the channels they watch. So, by paying to watch their favorite channels, those channels earn money that would otherwise have to rely on advertisements.


3. All YouTube Originals are available

Even though watching ads on YouTube might not bother you, there are a few other features that can justify the price of YouTube Premium Youtube Originals. Initially, a major benefit of YouTube Premium was access to YouTube Originals, a collection of exclusive shows created by YouTube.

However, being a YouTube Premium member still has some perks with respect to the original. Subscribers can watch the show without interruption from ads, and they can also watch special features like extended or unrated versions. So if are interested in Original series then YouTube premium worth the price.


4. It includes YouTube Music Premium

6 points are YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India
YouTube Premium Worth the Price in India

Access to YouTube Music Premium is included with a YouTube Premium subscription. If you are unfamiliar, YouTube Music is Google’s online music streaming service. In late 2020, Google Play Music was terminated, and this app took its place.

YouTube Music, like Spotify and other music streaming services, is totally free to use. YouTube Music Premium subscribers also enjoy ad-free listening, background play, and the ability to download songs for offline listening.

YouTube Premium costs rupees 179/per month, so it adds a lot of value to YouTube Premium. If you don’t already subscribe to Spotify, Apple Music, or similar, you can enjoy two types of subscriptions under one umbrella. If you don’t want to pay extra just for music then YouTube premium worth the price.


5. Video Download and Background Play

The YouTube Premium benefits above apply wherever you use YouTube. But there are some features specifically related to viewing on mobile devices.

One benefit is the ability to save videos for later viewing on your iOS or Android device with YouTube Premium. This is great for watching videos on the go if you have a limited data plan, as well as enjoying them in places with no connection, such as a plane.

On YouTube’s mobile apps, you can also unlock the ability to play videos in the background. Even if you switch to another app or turn off your screen, your video will continue to play. If you frequently watch long videos on YouTube but are only interested in the audio, this will come in handy. Keeping your screen off will also protect your phone’s battery. If you have to download videos on Youtube then YouTube premium worth the price.

Those of you who are parents will be pleased to discover that the YouTube Kids app also benefits from not having ads and being able to watch videos offline.


6. “YouTube Premium Isn’t Necessary”

The top benefit of YouTube Premium is definitely removing all ads. If you watch YouTube regularly, that’s the only reason it might cost you. You might also be interested in signing up for a month and then canceling if you want to view your Watch Later list offline during a trip or flight. And as mentioned, getting YouTube Music Premium is a good deal if you don’t already use a premium music service.

For roughly the same price, a mid-tier Netflix subscription delivers far higher quality shows and movies than YouTube Originals offers. Amazon Prime, which is about $12/month when paid annually, includes benefits like Prime Video, Prime Music, free shipping, and more. This makes YouTube Premium Worth the Price.


Is YouTube Premium Worth the Price?

The truth is that YouTube Premium is a mixed bag that only a few people will love. Those who don’t mind seeing advertisements need not subscribe to Premium. Unless you’re very interested in viewing the YouTube Originals catalog, is YouTube premium worth the price? The answer is no. Also, the premium features of YouTube’s mobile apps aren’t as useful if you don’t use them regularly.

But if you want to get rid of YouTube ads and use YouTube Music Premium regularly, YouTube Premium is a good value. Whether you join the service or not, you can use useful YouTube tips to get more out of the service. Is YouTube premium worth the price it’s up to you.

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