90% of YouTube videos are fake harsh reality

Harsh reality: 90% of YouTube videos are fake

This is the unforgiving truth of the YouTube universe. There are a lot of misleading videos on YouTube. People who provide this data have not taken any courses related to the topic and do not hold any relevant credentials. They’re offering you useless guidance, and you’re giving in to it. The sheer number of likes and views that illogical videos lacking authentication receive on YouTube is evidence that people are interested in and willing to try out these hacks.


Videos from Youtube that are Clearly Stupid

One video I watched on the site was referenced in my own production. The video, titled “Ladka/Ladki Kisi Ko Bhi Vash Me Kare Sirf 4 Ghante Me” (Boy/Girl, Control Anyone in Just 4 Hours), taught its viewers how to exert power over their targets, the absurdity of which stands on its own.

In the clip, she can be seen writing a boy’s name in a pen on her foot and announcing that she will have complete power over him in just four hours. This is becoming common knowledge, and it has been tried by many people.

90% of YouTube videos are fake harsh reality
90% of YouTube videos are fake harsh reality

Comments were missing in action in that clip. More videos with titles like “Vashikaran on your husband/wife,” “try this,” and “make this work,” etc. There is a lot of nonsense and false information in these videos.

They can’t seem to break out of any box. There will be untruths in every field, including medicine, the law, technology, and so on. Those who follow their advice or buy their products are put in danger. These YouTube videos are fake.

I regret to inform you that 90% of all videos posted on YouTube videos are fake and/or intentionally deceptive. Unfortunately, YouTube cannot identify these videos as inappropriate because they are merely reporting the news. Nobody is being attacked, and no faith is being criticized. You can’t file them away because they don’t match any of the norms.

These crazy videos can be found all over YouTube. These individuals lack credentials and experience. To illustrate, let’s pretend you’re afflicted with typhoid (I wish that would never happen). Don’t bother anyone you meet on the right path with questions about the medicine’s name.

You should check with your family doctor. Since he is trained in the field, he is able to examine patients and provide treatment. And if you’re in legal hot water, you need to consult a lawyer. You don’t bother asking for advice because no one else has any idea what to do. YouTube videos are fake, they learned it somewhere else or made it up on their own and are just relaying it to you.

YouTube videos are fake so save yourself

    1. The only thing you need to do to save yourself is to determine which of the videos is lying and which is telling the truth. Ignoring people’s feedback on hoax videos is probably the safest course of action. These videos should not be relied upon in any way.
    2. When there is a comment section available for a video, reading through it is a smart idea, especially if the comments are critical of the video. They are the only ones who can attest to the veracity of this statement.
    3. Find out if they have any relevant experience by looking into their history. Do they have any training or education in that area? Find out if they have any relevant experience by looking into their history. Do they have any training or education in that area?
    4. You don’t have to fall for these hoaxes any longer. Apply reason to determine if something like this is even possible. YouTube videos are fake and Attempting to exert dominance over another person is futile and unethical.


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90% of YouTube videos are fake harsh reality

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