Celebrating Independence Day 2023: India’s Digital Dominance From 5G to 6G

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Celebrating Independence Day 2023: India's Digital Dominance From 5G to 6G

Celebrating Independence Day 2023: Digital Dominance From 5G to 6G in India

In an exciting address on the 77th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared the amazing Indian technology progress that has been made in technology. He spoke from the famous Red Fort in New Delhi, focusing on how technology is changing our lives and making our country stronger.

India used to be a place where getting internet was really tough, especially in far-off places. But now maybe in future, the internet reaches even the smallest villages, thanks to the hard work of many people. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said that it’s like the internet is giving a high-five to every Indian, no matter where they live!

Before 2014, using the internet used to cost a lot of money. Imagine paying a huge amount just to check your emails or watch funny videos. But now, India has the cheapest internet in the whole world. This means families are saving a lot of money while enjoying the internet.

Here comes the cool part: You know how your phone has these networks like 4G? Well, India is already zooming ahead with something even faster 5G! We have this service in more than 700 districts across the country. That’s like a super-speed internet road that helps us download and watch things faster than ever before. In fact, they are putting up around 1,000 special spots for 5G every day!

Now, hold on to your chai, because we’re not stopping at 5G. The Prime Minister is thinking about 6G. It’s like the next level of super-speed internet! They made a special team just to work on this, and they even have a cool name for it – the ‘Bharat 6G Alliance’. It’s like India is getting ready to be the superhero of the internet world.

Guess what? Using the internet is not only faster but also way cheaper. Earlier, we had to pay around Rs 269 for just 1GB of data. But now, it’s as low as Rs 10.1 for the same amount. This means we can do more fun things on the internet without worrying about our wallets!

The Prime Minister also cares about places that are far away or not so easy to reach. He wants even those places to have great internet and technology. So, even places like the North-Eastern Region, border areas, and special districts have good internet and phone services.

So, there you have it – from expensive internet to super affordable 5G and a peek into the future with 6G. Our country is racing ahead in the digital world, making sure that every Indian can enjoy the power of the internet with this Indian technology progress. It’s like a digital revolution that’s making our lives easier every day!

5G in India what more do you need to know?

What Should you do?

If you’re feeling concerned about what you should do when 6G connectivity becomes available, and you’re wondering whether you need to switch phones if you’ve already bought a 5G one, let me clear things up for you. Right now, 6G has only been announced, but it will take a considerable amount of time before it becomes a practical reality. Additionally, it’s uncertain whether 6G will be accessible in your city during the initial phases.

For the present moment, you don’t need to stress about this. It’s perfectly fine to proceed with purchasing a 5G phone without any worries.

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