Goodbye WordPad, Embrace Windows 12: Microsoft WordPad Discontinuation

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Goodbye WordPad, Embrace Windows 12: Microsoft WordPad Discontinuation

Goodbye WordPad, Hello Windows 12: Microsoft WordPad Discontinuation

Microsoft has recently made a big decision: they are shutting down their famous computer app, WordPad! This news is very important because WordPad has been our companion on our computers for many years, and now we have to part with it.

Why was this pursued? According to Microsoft, WordPad is no longer being updated, so they are discontinuing it. This means that Windows 12 will not have WordPad.

About WordPad: WordPad was launched with Windows almost 28 years ago. It is a very important computer app that we have all been using. Sadly, WordPad hasn’t received any updates for a long time, and so Microsoft has decided to discontinue it.

According to Microsoft, they are advising users to use MS Word or Documents to create rich text documents for now.

There is even more big news from Microsoft: Windows 12! Windows 12 will be redesigned in a completely new way and will come with a lot of new AI-powered features. This means that using your computer and Windows software is now even easier.

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When will Windows 12 be released?

Microsoft has not said anything about it yet, but we are being told that we can see it in 2024.

With this news, we would also like to inform you that Microsoft is now mostly focusing on its AI-powered Bing and upgrading it. It also includes new features such as image generation and voice input, which will give users of Windows even more features.

So, it is a big decision that WordPad is leaving our computers, but Windows 12 will come and give us even more cool tech features. So let’s all get ready because new technology and features are coming at us!

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